Intelligentsia Purgatory

Here lies an individual desiring to reach a place of total written implosion, where a new individual is created driven to deliver prose worthy of reading....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Candy Man

Diabetes, the Good Way

Feels as if my teeth are riddled with cavities from swallowing you,
black sugar, sweet to taste,
when injected in haste, sloppily,
deep into my fields of popi,
the physical reaction is similar to that of crack cocaine free base,
watching the ejaculation slowly stream down my waist is exciting,
your intake is frightening, but not to the point of wanting to stop,
I am the pot calling your kettle black,
feel free to insert your chocolate ladle, stirring my contents,
this entire experience is nonsensical,
not to sound whimsical, but
I am your Candy Land, take you shoes off,
walk within,
journey where no man has yet to step,
embrace these fallopian rainbows where therein lies
chocolate pots of gold,
edible, but don’t bother wiping your mouth,
I know doing without is a bother, which is why I don’t,
can’t stop licking your candy cane, both bent, straight at the same place,
perfectly made for G-Spot encounters,
leading to withdrawing climaxes and semen-laced facial crème,
which is good for my skin, good for your ego,
plus its good to know these acts are not in vain,
each one directly connected to the love flowing within our veins…

I offer the aforementioned joint piece
for your reading pleasure,
the collaboration comes from the minds of myself and
Mr. Slumpfacade,
who has been wrapped up in writing
his new book Capturing Sunrays in a Glass Jar
as of late, but has now found the time to
bless me with his excellent penmanship.

Slump and


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Water this Womb

Yesterday, he told me,
"tip-toeing thru the two lips is my favorite past-time",
so today, I allowed him to plant his seeds.

Unfortunately, for me,

he has another garden filled with a ripe harvest.

Tomorrow, I'll inform his fertile soil of "our" good news...

Friday, August 18, 2006


Peering into soul mirror,
Looking for answers to unasked questions,
Desperately wishing to remove unwanted obsessions,
Spiritual connections severed chasing so-called
Masculine genuine article,
Leaving broken hearts dangling,
Blowing in emotional winds like participle,
Being asleep its difficult to hear,
Cut through static’s cling like soldier’s ear,
Jesus forgives…

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Resistance is Futile

Standing on the precipitous edge,
focused only on the sun, moon,
longing for the end approaching,
enjoying the running of warm blood
from recently slit wrist, mine,
31, 32, 33, 34, 35 seconds pass,
gasp, grasp bathroom sink to maintain balance,
betrayed by a love, phallic in nature,
physical in form, gone as quick as it came,
leaving self to blame for swift departures,
unsteady heart flutters caused by too many
discussions concerning becoming a mother,
106, 107, 108, 109, 110 seconds since the last utterance,
destruction is the final step,
loved him with all I had left,
my name…
…modern day Juliet

Monday, July 31, 2006


Male Man

Women were created by God to serve,
whether kneeling or standing,
mouths open or closed,
hers is an existence defined by his,
ignorance is bliss,
though she never has this option,
misguided attempts to enter her physical
has ultimately lead to the showering of gifts
which leaves her rotten, spoiled
or stuck with unwanted fertile soil
seeds taken from man,
her feminine curves representing
masculine rib, named by him,
his godly representation personified,
died due to following her weaknesses,
inability to obey,
talking when needing to listen,
her bodily prison holds the failed hearts of many
leaving a travesty in the wake
which would only take her staying in her place
to provide the solution to the problem posed
by this question, “What is the role of a woman?”

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crimson Wave Winds

It was the first day of womanhood, however,
a fertile womb does not a woman make.

Kelly was only 12 years of age,

her demeanor, 25 years her Senior.
She stood in the bathroom attempting

to analyze blood on her favorite
pair of panties, it stained her jeans.

Today was picture day at her middle school,
she did not wish to be late, fate had different plans.
Jan, her mother,

who had been patiently waiting in the car,
opened the bathroom door and spoke,
“I see your journey from girl to woman has begun,
fear not, the best is yet to come.”

Kelly smiled, walked into her room,

put on her second favorite pair of panties,
cotton shorts and flannel hat.
She headed off to school with her esteem higher
than it was moments before her
mother, acting like the moon,

called in the tides of shame crashing
against her confidence.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Torts, Torts, Torts

Work is stressful, especially when dealing with properties,
landlords who have no idea of how to appropriately run them
and tenents who have no concept of rights relating to their
residencies, be they rented or owned. I apologize for venting,
but I look forward to the day when I can look at work from this